Thank you for visiting Tin Roof Soap Company. Our handcrafted soaps are available for purchase here. Tin Roof Soap Company makes vegan-friendly and additive-free soaps, which have been carefully crafted using the cold-process soap-making technique. We produce old-fashioned soaps that harken back to days when homemade solutions were commonplace.

Our cold-process soaps are produced in small batches to preserve quality. Our soaps contain only vegetable-based oils and NEVER parabens, sulfates, and commercial dyes or fragrances. We draw upon nature to assist us in producing the finest handcrafted soaps available, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the finished product. In place of fragrance oils, we use 100% essential oils and infuse our oil bases with homegrown herbs designed to complement our soap. Natural sources, such as pumpkin puree or carrot juice, provide the appealing colors of our soaps, and we add exfoliating texture with natural materials, like coffee beans and oatmeal. We only use ingredients of the highest quality, even if it means making it for ourselves.

We have several collections available with occasional seasonal soaps. Our SimplyCastile Collection is an offering of pure 100% olive oil soaps, while our Kitchen Collection includes soaps inspired by food, like Coffee with Sugar and Cream. We also offer other Odds and Ends such as Lotion Bars and Homebrew Beer soap. You won’t find brightly colored, glitter filled soaps with overwhelming lingering scents – still, my soap has spunk! You are sure to find something for everyone.

I know you will enjoy our premium handcrafted soaps, and I appreciate your interest!

Best wishes,

Sara James
Tin Roof Soap Company
Simple ingredients. Simpler times.